Use What You Need

That small statement bothers me.  It bothers me to no end!

When I really started getting serious about my spirituality I was told by the majority to “only use what is needed.”  But what’s really needed?

I get insulted when someone’s idea of what’s needed is forced upon me.  To be totally honest, nothing physical is ‘needed’ for spell work – or anything regarding religion as a whole.

Some mentors have people disassemble their altars, and some get really upset when asked to do this.  I think its a good exercise in order for individuals to decide exactly what it is they feel they need.  Its a good way to (pardon my language) clear the bullshit and get down to the real deal.  Some, over time, accumulate a lot of things that do not serve them.  Magical Hoarders, if you will.

Personally, I feel my spiritual path is beyond just need.  It is a representation of my spirit.  Do I need incense?  No.  I like it!

Many items on my altar are there because I feel I need them.  There are even some items not present that others say are ‘needed’.  I have a censer which is about to be replaced by just a cauldron.  I have a chalice which was replaced by a bowl.

I prefer to tell people:

You need whatever you feel you need.

How do you know what you need until you’ve had it?  For example:  I have absolutely no use for a chalice.  I have one on my altar, but its very small and it doesn’t get used.  I have a small crystal bowl which I keep charged salt, Goddess (rain) water, and a stone of some kind which represents what it is I hope to ‘evaporate’ into my space.  Though the stone, of course, never evaporates – I like to visualize that the stone is also charging its properties into the water which I use to bless myself, the area – and by the act of evaporation – blesses my whole house.

My advice:

Obtain any tool your spirit thinks you need.  If it turns out you have no use for it – hang on to that tool!  A young Pagan’s spirit may be calling out for that tool and you may cross paths!  I try to pass my unused or replaced tools down to someone else.

Witch-cycling.  Its like recycling, but for witches!

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