Pagan Resources

When I was a little baby witch the Internet was in infancy. Finding like-minded folks was really difficult.  You really had to be serious to go through all the trouble of ‘putting yourself out there’ to find someone!

These days there are all sorts of resources at your fingertips.


You can search by country, state and type of person, group you’re looking for.  Adult, Military, Teen, and Recovery are some of the categories.

Pagans Unite

Perfect for those who don’t want to put themselves out there but want information.  This site offers a lot of information on different paths.  Read, decide and follow your heart.

Local UU Churches

If you are looking for other Pagans, the easiest place to start is a local UU church.  If no one there is Pagan, someone will at least know where you should start searching.  Most UU Churches host craft faires and things which other Pagans frequent.  Check it out!

In the same vein of UU Churches – the Pagan sector of UU called CUUPS has a great resource site:

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