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Meditation Malfunction

There are times I have a lot of trouble meditating.  I can’t seem to get myself to that ‘no thought’ or ‘no mind’ frame and just can’t fully meditate.

I’m not ADD.  I can focus without force!  I just can’t simply meditate any old time I want.

The very first time I was almost into a totally meditative state a sudden thought came to mind.

Wow.  It takes twice as long to exhale as it does to inhale.  I wonder why that is!

I was so very frustrated.  I was so close!

It took quite a long time before I realized that meditation isn’t always about getting to that empty state.  Sometimes it’s just about relaxing so you can refocus.  Relaxation doesn’t have to be unproductive.  You don’t need two hours in a room thick with incense smoke and soft music.  Maybe you just need a cup of tea and a hot bath.

There’s no wrong way to meditate.  I’ve also found there’s no right way, either.  If you’re determined to meditate – try out different things!

Here is a favorite of mine to listen to while bathing, meditating, relaxing.

Today’s Song

Song: Mother Of Darkness
Artist: Alice Di Micele
Album: Circle Of Women

Relax …

I listen to this song often to relax.

Song: Lady Of The Flowing Waters
Artist: Robert Grass & On The Wings Of Song
Album: Ancient Mother

Sunday Song

Song:  Daughter of the Elements

Artist: Lisa Thiel

Song for the Spirit



Song: Circle of Stones

By:  Tina Malia

Album: Shores of Avalon


A Song to Hecate

Hecate by Wendy Rule

Album: The Lotus Eaters

A Song

I thought I would share a song today.

Its from the 90s.  It sounds like it really should have been on the Queen of the Damned Soundtrack.

I really do love this song.  A bit ‘darker’ than normal music deemed Pagan Music.

Enjoy The Hunter by The Moors.

Today’s Song

Deity by Wend Rule


All of her music is enchanting with a hint of darkness.

A Song for Your Spirit

I thought today I would share a song I came across on a YouTube playlist a couple years ago that I find very soothing.

Today’s Song


“Imbolc” is the 3rd track of Lisa Thiel’s CD “Circle of the Seasons”.

Lisa Thiel’s homepage is

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